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Founded in 1914 by Avv. Domenico D’Orsogna Sr., Studio Legale D’Orsogna is guided by Avv. Giovannni D’Orsogna since 1961, in partnership with Prof.ssa Avv. Marina D’Orsogna since 1996. Learn more about the history of D’Orsogna Law Studio by following this link (content in Italian).

Our Law Firm boasts expertise and professional skills in many areas of legal advice, also thanks to the contributions by several Lawyers and University Professors who, with some of our Partner and lawyers, can lead defence also in Supreme Courts. Studio Legale D’Orsogna offers consultancy and assistance to public companies and administrations, to Italian and foreign top business brands, as well as to small businesses and individual clients. D’Orsogna Law Firm also operates internationally, leveraging its vast experience and its international network of law professionals and external consultants (Of Counsel).

Our Studio provides our clients with assistance in Court and high-level consultancy, and guarantees tailored assistance that integrates all public, private and processual aspects of the case, as well its economics and organizational aspects. Get in contact with us for more details on how our Law Firm can fit your legal matter.

expertise and experience
D’Orsogna Law Firm operates mostly in the fields of Civil Law and Administrative Law, with experience in many other law sectors. Follow the link below for more info on the law fields our Studio operates in.


Our Law Firm offers quality services, also thanks to the contribution of Partner and Lawyers who can also lead defence cases in Supreme Courts, the support of some university professors and a team of Studio Executives. Studio D’Orsogna includes an international network of law professional as external Consultant (Of Counsel). Meet the people of our law team and see their professional profiles (in Italian) by following the links below.

Get in contact with Studio Legale D’Orsogna via email at, through the detail contact info below, or by localizing our Studios on interactive maps.
Google Map - Studio Legale D'Orsogna - Studio di Pescara
Studio Legale D’Orsogna
Via Catania, 12
65121 Pescara (PE), Italy
Tel: (+39) 085 4212430
Fax: (+39) 085 4213200
Google Map - Studio Legale D'Orsogna - Studio di Roma


c/o Studio Legale Gattamelata e Associati
Via di Monte Fiore, 22
Via della Luce, 56
00153 Roma, Italy
Tel: (+39) 06 58333138
Fax: (+39) 06 58333364
Google Map - Studio Legale D'Orsogna - Studio di Sassari
c/o Studio Legale Porqueddu
Via Principessa Jolanda, 57
07100 Sassari, Italy
Tel: (+39) 079 290310
Fax: (+39) 079 3760296
Google Map - Studio Legale D'Orsogna - Studio di Alghero
Studio Legale D’Orsogna
Piazza Civica, 27
07041 Alghero (SS), Italy
Tel: (+39) 079 9738105
Fax: (+39) 079 9738105